Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dialogue Programming


What is the Tcode for screen painter and Menu painter

SE51 and SE41


What are screen painter and menu painter?

Screen painter: Screen painter is a tool to design and maintain screen and its elements. It allows user to create GUI screens for the transactions. Attributes, layout, filed attributes and flow logic are the elements of Screen painter.

Menu painter: Menu painter is a tool to design the interface components. Status, menu bars, menu lists, F-key settings, functions and titles are the components of Menu painters. Screen painter and menu painter both are the graphical interface of an ABAP/4 applications.


What are the components of a screen painter?

Text, Label, Push button, Radio button, Check box, Table control, Tab strip.


What are the types of screen?

a. Normal

b. Modal

c. Subscreen


What are the events in screens?

PBO : Process before output

PAI : Process after input

POH : Process on help request

POV : Process on value request


How can we add F4 help in screen.

1. Specify the dictionary elements in the attributes of the fields or

2. Use values command and give specified set of values or

3. Use POV event


How do we validate screen elements in screens.

Use CHAIN ENDCHAIN for group of fields.


What is a subscreen?

It is a type of screen which does not have its own GUI status and forms a part of the screen and cannot be a standalone screen as a normal screen.


What is a table control?

It’s a control used to for input/output of data at large.


I have create a text box on the screen and I want to pass value to it how do I do that?

Just declare a variable of the same name as the text box in the program attached to the screen this will facilitate value passing between program and screen.


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